What is Skin Finishing? It's a custom, detailed, full-body application of the finest bronzing and skin finishing products for the most natural, healthy and beautiful skin complexion result.

A treatment by Fiona will give you a feeling of confidence in your overall appearance as well as a healthy glow, seemingly coming from within.

Skin Finishing sessions include:

- A brief consultation to discuss your Skin Finishing treatment: a completely tailored skin analysis and expert advice on the looks that will suit your complexion.

- Your choice of finishing options:

  • subtle, ethereal glow
  • sun-kissed "splash" or hint of color
  • red carpet, luminous finish with detailed contouring
  • swim wear dark, defined bronzing
  • photo-specific skin detailing and enhancing

- Your choice of finishing session:

  • Single - one custom finishing session
  • Skin Finishing Party - book you and two or more guests for a fun group skin finishing session for a special occasion: weddings, proms, holiday parties, special events
  • Skin Finishing Package - book 6 sessions for a special rate*
  • Standing Appointment - book recurring skin finishing appointments
  • Self-Tanning Lesson - receive a private lesson on the proper application of self-tanning products along with tips to creating a professional, celebrity-quality glow at home.
  • At-Home/On-site Skin Finishing Session - Fiona is completely mobile and will travel to any location that suits your needs (for a special rate). Her at-home/on-site appointments include such events and occasions as:

                 - Weddings
                 - Special events
                 - Editorial
                 - Red Carpet
                 - Television/Film
                 - Press Junkets
                 - Publicity/Professional/Personal Photo Shoots
                 - Proms

*Contact salon for skin fnishing rates, or email Fiona directly.

The art of Skin Finishing allows Fiona to provide a full range of custom hand-applied looks for your skin, from the most subtle hint of color and pop, to a deep, dark, detailed finish. Fiona uses only the finest products on the market that offer a wide range of high end optimizers, enhancers, and illuminators to suit all skin types. The advanced technology of these products will leave your skin glowing and red carpet-ready with a clean, fresh scent on the skin.